ResourceBlender.NET – Ajax based translation and internationalization tool

ResourceBlender.NET is a free and open source based translation and internationalization tool which help you  to quickly translate any application into multiple languages.

ResourceBlender aspnet

it has Ajax based user interface where user can translate their application into multiple language over the internet or download an XML Spreadsheet and re-import them later. Existing translations can be re-used and included in different applications for export as .resx, .properties or .po files formats or XUL/JavaScript bundles used by Firefox extensions.

The software is written in C# and available as an ASP.NET web application and a WPF desktop application, it makes localizing applications a breeze. it also generates localized resources in different formats from a central database for inclusion with different applications.

features of ResourceBlender.NET

  1. Export resources to multiple formats such as .NET .resx files, Java .properties, GNU .po / gettext, XHTML entities and more.
  2. Supports MySQL, SQL Server and SQLite, so no external database is required.
  3. Migrate from existing .resx or .properties files with an import wizard.
  4. Easy for both translators and project owners/admins.
  5. Easy to Import / Export translation data as XML spreadsheets to make editing more convenient.
  6. Centralized translation database – Use one translations database to keep localizations in-sync.
  7. free and open source project
  8. Automatic machine translation with Google Translate.
  9. Custom templates for resource formats.

Download : ResourceBlender.NET

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