RGraph – Interactive HTML5 canvas graph library

RGraph is a free HTML5 supported canvas graphs library that uses the HTML5 canvas tag for all platforms. With using this library user can create wide variety of graph types such as bar chart, bi-polar chart (also known as an age frequency chart), donut chart, funnel chart, Gantt chart, horizontal bar chart, LED display, line graph, meter, odometer, pie chart, progress bar, rose chart, scatter graph and traditional radar chart.

RGraph - Interactive HTML5 canvas graph library

It has interactive features such as zoom, tooltips and annotations which can improve the usability of a website/web application. It’s very easy to use and easy to extend.

Features of RGraph

  1. Cross browser support.
  2. 14 Different base graph types.
  3. Graphs work on and off-line.
  4. Interactive features.
  5. Graphs are created on the client side – no server side load.
  6. Very easy setup
  7. Fully documented.
  8. Very easy to learn.

Download : RGraph_2010-03-27-stable.zip

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