Rhino – free online accounting software for small business

Accounting software is of great demand in the market. Ventures of all scale are demanding these software’s to take care of their accounting aspect. Accounts is one of the major aspects that needs to be taken care of in order to maintain the day to day expenses and plays a major role in determining the profit of the business.

RhinoAccounting online accounting software

One such very effective software is Rhino Accounting, which is online accounting software and is absolutely free of cost. It is also embedded with the much effectual Google apps so that you can import all your important contact information within a second.

Rhino Accounting is one simple, hassle free; online accounting software that is perfect for your small scale ventures. It is easy to handle, incurs no costing and most of all serves every purpose that other high paid software serves.

The above all factor is that it is incorporated with the Google apps by which you only have to place your domain name and rest you can easily login with your email id.

This allows you to import all your previous contacts and most of all saves much of your precious time otherwise which would have taken to manually fill up your contact list.

Three important aspects that make it such effectual software are:

  1. Always Free – It has no hidden cost and is absolutely free. You won’t have to pay any license fees, or any per user fees. The only thing which you have to do is, visit the Rhino accounting page and sign up for free. Thereafter you can use the service as per your requirement.
  2. Complete Double Entry System of Bookkeeping – It maintains your business’s accounting books as per the Company Accounting standards only. It maintains the traditional double entry system, which other accounting software maintains.
  3. Effortlessly E-mail Invoices  – The invoices generated by the software can be easily mailed to any of your required clients. This saves much time and manpower and also makes the system much accurate and most of all authentic.

Features of Rhino

  1. Easily Add to Google App : You can easily add up your Rhino Accounting software into your Google Apps section or popularly known as the market place. This will allow you to use up your specific user id to sign in and also will allow the Rhino Accounting software to appear on the Google server’s universal navigation.
  2. Import all your Google Contact : You will have the facility of effortlessly importing all your important contacts directly to Rhino Accounting software with just a mere tick of your mouse button.
  3. Access From Anywhere : As the Rhino accounting software is internet based software; you will have the power to access the software from virtually anywhere. Be it your home or your office or even when you are on the move, you can access your important accounting data even from your hand help devices.
  4. Effortlessly Send Invoices : Generate the invoices in the PDF formats and simply mail it to your clients.

Thus among the different accounting software’s, rhino accounting is sure to meet your needs and provide various benefits with its unique features.

Download : Rhino Accounting

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