RIATest – GUI test automation tool for Adobe Flex applications

RIATest is a Multiplatform GUI test automation tool for adobe Flex applications build on top of Flex automation framework and supports for Flex 2, Flex 3, Flex 4 and AIR applications also. RIATest is able to do for your GUI what FlexUnit does for your code.

RIATest - GUI test automation tool for Adobe Flex applications

RIATest is a feature-rich GUI test automation tool. featured include:

  • Action Recorder to record user actions with Application Under Test and creates human-readable test scripts, Create verification points by selecting properties to verify or simply Ctrl-Shift click on any UI component to generate automatic verification code.
  • Component Inspector allow you to inspect and identify application’s GUI elements and show you the hierarchy of GUI elements so that you can easily spot parent-children relationship between elements.
  • Built-in script debugger helps you find and fix problems in your scripts. Step through your script line by line, or have the debugger break and suspend execution on errors or on breakpoints you define. Examine variable values by hovering the mouse pointer over variable names.
  • Syntax highlighting makes your test scripts readable and easier to write.
  • Advanced automatic and manual synchronization capabilities save you countless hours of experimentation with ‘pauses’.
  • Automation of Adobe AIR applications, including applications with multiple windows is fully supported. RIATest can use AIR Debug Launcher (ADL) to load an AIR application.
  • Background Syntax Checks for checks your scripts for errors as you type them in.
  • Full code completion on all Flex automation classes and RIAScript objects is available to help you write test scripts.

Download : RIA Test

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