Rich Chart Live – create dynamic Flash charts with ASP.NET

Rich Chart Live is a free web based service that allow you to create captivating dynamic Flash charts for your websites with minimal efforts. no need to download any special software or nothing to install anything, all you need simple web browser that supports Flash, in Windows, Mac or Linux.

Rich Chart Live

It is very easy to create dynamic flash charts by Importing your data from a spreadsheet or you can directly enter it and also very simple to export your chart as a Flash animation, as a PowerPoint presentation or embed directly to your blog or website by just copy & pasting HTML.  it create stunning Rich Media charts that present your data in an enjoyable and captivating experience.

Currently Rich Chart Live support following chart types :

  1. Area
  2. Bar
  3. Column
  4. Pie and Doughnut charts
  5. Line

Features of Rich Chart Live

  1. Platform Independent
  2. Animated Charts
  3. Chart generated using variety of professionally designed chart templates.
  4. Export data into flash animation or PowerPoint presentation or simply embed to your blog or website
  5. Multilanguage support
  6. Universal Communication
  7. Easy to import data from Excel and also from other spreadsheets.

Download : Rich Chart Live

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