riot- content management system based on the Spring framework


Riot is a lightweight content management framework (CMF) for Spring based applications. Its non-invasive design allows you to add CMS features to your existing applications and easily edit the content directly within the page using an intuitive AJAX interface.

riot cmf

The CMF is based upon several other Open Source projects, most notably Spring and Hibernate and offer various useful features such as backoffice view that allows you to edit your business objects. Unlike other systems, Riot doesn’t force you to store all your data in generic data structures instead encourages the use of structured data.

Riot is 100% written in pure java and therefore works on all platforms that provide a Java 1.5 (or higher) JVM and store all data in a relational database and uses Hibernate to access it. that why all RDBMS supported by Hibernate can use Riot content management framework, including popular products like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and DB2.

Download : Riot CMF

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