ROX Desktop – Graphical desktop environment based on ROX Filer file manager

ROX desktop developed as a simple yet easy to use, user friendly desktop environment like GNOME, KDE and XFCE that involves wide-ranging functions through drag-and-drop options.


The ROX interface similar around the file manager or filer. ROX follows the customary UNIX vision that believes everything is a file instead of concealing the file structure under start-menus, complex wizards or applications.

ROX aims at making your system as well structured and well defined for presentation as possible. ROX approach includes functioning of quite a few diminutive programs simultaneously rather than creating complex heavyweight applications.

The development of ROX basically aims at transferring few effective features of RISC OS into UNIX and also Linux.

Thus it is a desktop setting with features like its contemporaries GNOME, KDE or XFCE. ROX is supported by Mac OS X too other than Linux and UNIX.

Moreover, ROX works for almost any OS that is imprecisely UNIX-like capable of running applications based on GTK. Windows operating system can also support ROX given it is supported by Cygwin.

Features of ROX Desktop

ROX Desktop comprises of some user friendly and efficient features that facilitates your work process. These features include:

  1. The ROX Desktop is developed having a basis around the file classification. ROX’s central element is the ROX-Filer which is a authoritative graphical file manager.
  2. ROX-Filer provides Application Directories support. This application directory contains a complete application and all the documents, binaries, resource code etc. associated with it. You are allowed to run the application as you go into an application directory within the Filer.
  3. ROX makes the installing process of an application as simple as copying any directory. It does not need any particular setup procedures or source access. Thus, upgrading your ROX-Filer with its latest version is very easy too. If you want to uninstall an application you will just need to delete that particular directory.
  4. With ROX-Filer you can get two separate versions of a single application. For this you have to copy those two different editions into two different directories within your hard disk.
  5. Using ROX-Filer you can get the facilities of both a filer and an application initiator hence you do not need distinct filer or application initiator within your desktop.
  6. Since applications are independent in ROX-Filer there are no necessary installation norms to be followed. Hence, Zero Install systems are feasible which does not involve any need for installing software.
  7. The ROX-Filer also has a special feature of saving through drag-and-drop. ROX allows you to save documents by dragging the folder to the rear from the application within the filer.
  8. Both the features of application directory and saving are exported from the operating system known as RISC OS. These have proved to be very well-liked by the users in spite of the fact that the operating structure itself did not do well due to a number of other deficiencies and failed to achieve much commercial accomplishment.
  9. ROX-Filer is launched under the stipulations by the GNU General Public License.

Download : ROX Desktop

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