Sandglaz – Simple To-do List to get tasks done in time

The lists of simple tasks are managed simply with the aid of the facilities offered by Sandglaz to all its users. There is no requirement of delete or add button when users are typing in their freestyle tasks.

Sandglaz To-do List

With the aid of just a single click, tasks can be added right at the place where users desire them to appear. Users can drag and drop so as to reorder them. Prioritization of important and urgent matrix is effectively managed by Sandglaz.

Resizing of grids is possible so as to fit the project size of the user. The look and feel of the task list of Sandglaz is in total control of all the users. Sharing of grids is also possible for users that enable their effective collaboration on certain projects.

A great deal of security is provided to this application and even authorization of individuals is also possible. Sandglaz offers an effective and easy way for the organization of tasks without even using a complex system.

November 2010 is year in which Sandglaz was founded. A great deal of user friendliness is provided by this application for making a list and even certain things can be stored online. Reviewing of data is possible for all the users of Sandglaz as the design is web based.

Even data can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime using the internet access. Nowadays, several useful features are provided by Sandglaz that are also unique as well that helps in the effective organization of the list. The current status of Sandglaz is beta.

Tasks are managed by users through the use of numerous websites that are available through the creation of task lists. An urgent and important matrix is provided by Sandglaz that takes a completely different approach.

This enables an effective view of the thing’s a user needs. Sharing features that provides great help are also incorporated by this application that enables effective collaboration both painlessly and quickly.

The color scheme used by Sandglaz provides a very charming and intuitive appearance while the background of white color also prevents it from being very busy.

Flashy images is not contained by this website and it is also very clean. No banner advertisements are also provided here. The form for creating an account requires email address, a name, time zone and a password.

Features of Sandglaz

  1. Google credentials is the source for Log in.
  2. Task list that are new can be created.
  3. Typing can be started just after clicking.
  4. Dragging and dropping of tasks is possible for their rearrangement.
  5. Task lists can be shared with others through the use of Sandglaz.

Organization of tasks is possible through the use of Sandglaz. The tool is pretty convenient and provides great ease of use and also helps other for prioritization of tasks.

The access is also provided freely. With the functional features and organized design Sandglaz enables users to create a pretty easy task list.

Download : sandglaz

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