SAPID CMF – framework for create content-based Web 2.0 applications

SAPID CMF is a content management framework for rapid creation of content-based Web 2.0 applications. it allow user to create their own content management system based on there own preferences and demands.

sapid cmf

It has flexible models to effectively organize your new applications development process, data, structures, representations and functionality components, with the added efficiency of reusable interface design by using XML Sapiens markup language and also capable to developed plugins, skins, event-driven model of Aspect Oriented Programming.

The framework available with following components

  1. AJAX based registration/authorization form
  2. Open ID authorization
  3. Advertising places (GIF/Flash/DHTML/Rich Media)
  4. IntelliTXT based advertising system
  5. Tag clouds
  6. Participatory architecture (commenting, voting on articles or comments)
  7. Multi-layer photo gallery
  8. ecommerce catalogue solution

features of SAPID CMF

  1. Intuitive measurement component model, qualified MVC architecture
  2. Capability for the system to be developed (plugins, skins, event-driven model of Aspect Oriented Programming)
  3. Built-in light-weight AJAX framework and ability to apply third-party AJAX-frameworks
  4. It contains API-libraries optimized for PHP4 and PHP5
  5. Flexible models for data, structures, representation and functionality templating using XML Sapiens markup language

Download : SAPID CMF

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