Sazneo – real-time group discussions made simple

Sazneo allows people to communicate and participate in real time group discussions with any number of fellow or team members in a very user friendly and intuitive interface. Users can take part in the group discussions and can communicate with the community members located in various parts of the world.

Sazneo real time group discussion

Taking communication to its next level of progress with the help of technology, Sazneo has introduced this tool for smarter group communication. This application is ideal for any business group to interact with the employees or any organization to communicate among the members.

Designed for group discussions and communication, the tool is extremely simple and easy to handle. The interface is quite attractive and decent, with prominence of blue, gray and white. All the tools and features are neatly organized in the home page of this application.

Users can add as many team members as they can and can interact with them any time they want to. With no additional plug-ins or software, users can interact with their colleagues or team members. The discussions can be sent as Instant messages to the user’s team members or colleagues who are online, while the offline members can get those messages after they log in and can get acquainted with the discussion details.

The application is also helpful in managing people while they are in discussions. When the user checks and gets the details about the online or offline members, users can nudge anyone’s attention. The nudged team member will be notified by the application informing that someone is trying to catch hold of his/her attention. Users an also view the address card of any member registered with Sanzeo and can start one-to-one conversation easily.

Features of Sazneo

  1. Add & organize members and communicate with them- The application is an online forum created by the user where all the members of his/her team can interact with each other. For that, users can add, edit, remove and organize his/her team members and communicate with them.
  2. Business discussions- The platform is ideal for business discussions, as one team member can easily communicate with another team member and can discuss on any topic related to business.
  3. Add as many members as you can- The application allows the users to add as many team members as they can by simply adding them. Moreover, communication with them is also easy if they all (or few of them) are online at the same time (though in different locations)
  4. Privacy- The platform is designed in such a way that it maintains privacy of the users. The login system is made for the registered users who are considered as authentic by the application.

With the development of the communication system, platforms have become more and more interactive and tools are needed to maintain privacy. The application that rules the market should have as many features as the users want to. Hence, Sazneo’s interactive platform is loaded with features and tools for the users ease in operation, and as a result, a better communication.

Download : Sazneo

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