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Scan2PDF Mobile is a small Android apps that uses mobile phone camera as a scanner to scan your documents and convert them into PDF files which you can then archive or email. it work as document scanner/fax machine that allow you to scan anything anytime anywhere and convert them into PDF file.


it has simple, easy to use user interface, where user can see the Scan Page button. after Pressing it it launches your smartphone’s own camera . From there you can take a photo of your document and then add to the PDF as a page.  If you want to take multiple photos – such as six pages of a contract, for example — you can add each page to the PDF to create a multi-page file. Once you have the page or pages you want in your PDF, tap the Make PDF button.  Give the file a name, and save your new PDF file to phone/SD card and then you can easily emailed directly from the phone or transferred to PC. Pages are compressed and enhanced to produce a compact, readable PDF file.

Features of Scan2PDF Mobile

  1. Portable – No more searching for a scanner or photocopier you simply whip out your phone and scan any document anywhere.
  2. Easy : Pages are scanned with one button presses and a PDF is made with two button presses – that’s 3 button presses to make a PDF from a paper document.
  3. Quick – Scan2PDF Mobile is quicker than almost all scanners and photocopiers. A 4 page PDF can be made in under one minute.
  4. Document sharing – With Scan2PDF Mobile’s email facility you can quickly share a document with friends and colleagues.
  5. Multipage – Scan2PDF Mobile can scan any number of pages and combine them into a single PDF file.
  6. Provide High quality PDF
  7. Cheap – No more photocopier or faxing fees – documents can be scanned on your phone and printed later (photocopy) or emailed (fax). In both cases a color copy is made which is much higher quality than photocopying or faxing.
  8. Convenient – PDFs are generated and stored on your phone. There is no upload to the internet or online document retrieval, you know exactly where the PDF files are and the can be retrieved later on your PC or else emailed immediately.

Download : scan2pdfmobile

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