create scientific plotting with PLplot

The PLplot is cross platform plotting software that you can use for the creation of scientific plots.

It is characterized by a some very unique features such as a core C library, some language binding for this library as well as device drivers that control presentation of plots in interactive and non interactive plotting contexts.

create scientific plotting with PLplot

You can use the core library for creating the standard XY plots, log-log plots, semi-log plots, 3D surface plots, bar charts, pie charts and mesh plots.

It quite easy to download and you will have no difficulty at all in installing this software in your computer.

It is also free to download and you do not have to incur any expenses in order to use this software product

PLplot software is a product that helps you to create very scientific plots. It is basically a cross platform package that is marked by features like device drivers, interactive platforms and language bindings.

It has a core library known as C library that you could use for creation of contours, multiple graphs of different or the same sizes etc. If you create multiple graphs then you will be able to place all of these on the same page.

The device drivers of the PLplot software support various kinds of file formats for the purpose of non interactive plotting. The software also has a number of platforms that are very suitable for the purpose of interactive plotting.

You will find it very easy to add new drivers to this software. All that you have to do is write down a few device routines.

Features of PL PLOT

  1. Cross platform – PL Plot is a cross platform plotting software to create scientific Plots. It is capable of working on platforms such as MAC OS X, Linux and Windows XP, 2000 and Vista. So you will be able to use this software very conveniently if your computer has any one of these operating systems. The PLplot software is built on these platforms using the CMake-based build system.
  2. multilingual Bindings – There are several language bindings to PLplot core C library. Some of the interpreted and compiled language bindings that have access to the PL plot software are Ada, Java, Lisp, Lua, Octave, Pearl, Python, TCL/TK, OCaml and Fortran.
  3. Support for wide variety of output file formats – The device drivers of the PLplot software support wide variety of plotting file formats. These are CGF, GIF, JPEG, PBM, PDF, PNG, SVG, XFIG and LaTex.
  4. Interactive Platform – The device drivers of the PLplot software product support lots of platforms which are suitable for the purpose of interactive plotting. Some popular examples include X, GNOME, QT and PYQT.

Thus, there are several interesting features of the PLplot software that make it very convenient and easy for you to create scientific plots. With this software product, you will be able to ensure great precision for the plots that you create.

Download : PLplot – Cross platform plotting software

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