Scribblar – Real-time multi-user whiteboard and online collaboration

scribblar is a Real time multi user whiteboard and online collaboration tool that allow users to create diagram, chart, or even other tools that assists them in other tasks as well as projects.

Scribblar Multi-user whiteboard

The whiteboard can be created as well as edited by several users that assists them in collaboration and also encourages them in associating with others.

Inputs, questions and answers can be texted instantly through the use of Scribblar. Another set of options is provided by the features of live audio that effectively helps user to work on a project quickly by working in a group.

The latest versions are easily seen by the users as all the updates take place in the real time environment of the whiteboard.

Several unique features are offered by Scribblar that marks the usability of this tool. The whiteboard is the place where all the users are permitted to work together and get things done.

Projects can be budgets perfected, plans, revisions made on artwork or images and several other things. Scribblar can be easily accessed by anyone using the online settings and it also assist in sharing information or providing input that may prove to be very vital for the project.

Scribblar is the place of showing the skill of users with respect to their creation that even does not allow them to deviate from the functional as well as professional nature of this very application.

Feedbacks are certainly entertained by the users on artwork, diagrams, images and many more. Whiteboards can be reviewed by all the other users who have been invited for their participation.

Scribblar is very easy to learn as the design is pretty well organized.

Features of Scribblar

  1. The feature of live audio provided by Scribblar can be used to enhance a presentation.
  2. Feedbacks can be provide regarding an artwork, image, or diagram.
  3. Real-time multi-user whiteboard
  4. You are free to collaborate with as many users as you want on the very same whiteboard provided to you.
  5. You can easily speak out your heart through the explicit facility of chatting via text that has been already built into Scribblar.

Almost all the users of Scribblar are thoroughly benefitted through its use. It helps in very effective collaboration and even in the planning of a project or giving the demonstration of a service or product.

The Scriibblar can be used as the tool by users for teaching or explaining any concepts to the students via.

It is a good way of communicating ideas to students as the users can also add images to the lesson that enables students to understand the concept more easily and quickly.

Download : Scribblar

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