Scriblink – free online digital collaborative whiteboard


Scriblink is an free online digital collaborative whiteboard that allow user to share documents such as layout planning, concept diagramming, or tutoring a friend in math online in real time. it give you the power of free hand expression with anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world.


no need to register yourself with Scriblink website to use the service, it ‘s a free online digital whiteboard.

Features of Scriblink

  1. Privacy : the board is all yours, open only to the people you choose to invite
  2. Simple, easy to use dynamic tools – use shapes, hundreds of colors, a size bar, a text feature, and a grid to help guide your drawings
  3. easy to print, save, and email your work
  4. upload an image onto the whiteboard as the background, allowing you to share it, mark it, deface it, or highlight key elements
  5. when working with others, no need to sign in to third party software, simply use the in-screen chat server to communicate with each other
  6. Support for VOIP Conferencing
  7. easy to transfer files directly to anyone you’re working with

Visit : Scriblink – free online digital collaborative whiteboard

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