SEEdit – HTML/XHTML Code Editor And Optimizing Tool for Mac

SEEdit is a HTML/XHTML code editor and optimizing tool for Macintosh that allow you to create clean and valid XHTML/CSS sites on Macintosh computers.

seedit - xhtml code editor

With SEEdit, insertion of code and classes are always just one click away. SEEdit’s handy advanced Tag Editor also handles CSS classes and JavaScript functions. it has many useful features such as, Tidy Checker for standards-compliant code, the Quick CSS Tool for rapid CSS development, extensive Multi-language support, Auto Complete, editable document templates, site notes and quick FTP, XHTML and CSS snippets.

SEEdit also supports for other code editors like BBEdit, TextWrangler, TextEdit, and Dreamweaver. With SEEdit’s fast and powerful RSS 2.0 Sitemap tool allow user to create RSS News feed by easily Inserting RSS Item Tool to creates new items to XML files and the Auto Update RSS Archive Tool updates archive files from XML files with just one click.

Features of SEEdit – HTML/XHTML code editor

  • Quick FTP Using Modification Date
  • Easy to use Site Map Tool
  • Volume File Search
  • SEEdit Site Window and Editor Toolbox
  • SEEdit Editor Sidebar
  • Easy to insertion of created CSS classes from menus, works similar to the Editor Toolbox.
  • Editor Toolbox allow Insertion of xhtml code and css classes with just one click!
  • Quick FTP Upload a file with a single click
  • Open Multiple Files
  • Auto Complete TEXT/HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Quick Insert CSS
  • Tidy Syntax Checker to validate the documents
  • Easy to Find and Replace Multiple Files
  • Optimizing Tool
  • Tag Editor
  • Server Check Documents
  • Server Check Documents for broken Links

Download: seedit

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