SequelPro – Mac database management application for MySQL

MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases. SQL is stands for Structured Query Language. SequelPro is essentially a MySQL database management application for Mac OS X.


It consists of software that operates database, providing storage, access, security and backup facility. SequelPro is a speedy and user-friendly database management application for Mac OS. It principally works with MySQL databases. You can store and have access to a large quantity of data with ease. SequelPro allows you access to MySQL databases hosted on local as well as remote servers.

SequelPro offers you a relational database management system that allows you to store and retrieve substantial amount of data with ease. It has Simple User interface which suitable notwithstanding you profession, whether you are a Programmer or a Software Developer. It ensures smooth workflow with a Mac OS X application. SequelPro supports a large amount of encoding options compatible with MySQL 3 and its recent updated versions.

You can set up a link with the local MySQL server through you Mac OS very easily. You can work with multiple workspaces while managing multiple databases at the same time through SequelPro. This workspace offers superlative connectivity with which you can host your MySQL databases both in remote and local servers. SequelPro is free and open source software. But for free version, limited features are available but it has the option to upgrade to a premium user where you get a splendid platter of features. It involves a number of keyboards shortcuts that makes your navigation furthermore easier. SequelPro is equipped with a Developer Blog where you get a platform where you can receive all the updates and news about the software. It also contains a customizable query editor where you can address your queries to our developers’ team.

Features of SequelPro

SequelPro is equipped with astounding features that enhances your database management skills. These following features ensure better management.

  1. It offers efficient management of databases.
  2. You can store and access a large amount of through this interface.
  3. It has a 64-bit build.
  4. Customizable editor where you can address your queries to us.
  5. New improved Autocomplete features of SequelPro, including tables and field names, enhance the functionality of this interface.
  6. Better stability.
  7. New icons and navigation tools helps you to do better management.
  8. It is also equipped with a Filtering editor.
  9. It is very speedy and responsive.
  10. “Threading” for certain tasks has been innovated.
  11. It offers more stable import and export.
  12. It supports a variety of encodings that is compatible with MySQL updated versions.

SequelPro is essentially a relational database management system that allows you with data retrieval and storage. The updated versions ease your management with new improved features. Thus this software is guaranteed a positive feedback.

Download : Sequel Pro

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