SharedCopy – Ajax Based web annotation and collaboration tool

SharedCopy is an Ajax Based web annotation tool and collaboration service that makes your text writings and documentation much easier and exciting.

Users can mark-up, highlight, draw, annotate, cache, and create sticky-note for any webpage.

SharedCopy - AJAX based web annotation

You do not need to download or install any software to use SharedCopy. Hence, while working in a group project or sharing some information with others you can very well use SharedCopy for better interactive and clarity purposes.

If you want to save some annotation on a particular website, all you have to do is a tick on your SharedCopy Bookmark and then click on the save option appearing with the toolbar.

Automatically a separate copy of that webpage will be formed with its specific URL comprising of all your annotations.

SharedCopy is specially built for collaborative work on annotations and other descriptive work.

It helps you share all your work details with the people you want, SharedCopy has a homepage that displays all your saved work for public viewing, or you might also change your personal SharedCopy settings according to your convenience.

if you wish to keep your work undercover from everyone and then you can select only a few with whom you would like to share your document.

There are some user-friendly features of SharedCopy that have made it quite popular among working professionals.

SharedCopy not only gives you the opportunity to share your working mechanism and important discussions with others but it also enables you to enjoy your work through some exciting features.

Features of SharedCopy web annotation tool

  1. You can start using SharedCopy along with your team members without having to go through some lengthy and costly registration or installation process.
  2. You can create your own knowledge annals with simple annotation and use of SharedCopy.
  3. In SharedCopy you can easily mark out the important details and information by highlighting your main parts of the long documents.
  4. The homepage provides you with a summarized yet relevant view of your documents at one peek.
  5. To maintain your annotation webpage library in a systematic fashion you an add tags to different parts and sections according to your preference.
  6. Till you and the individual with whom you intend to share your annotations are on the same webpage SharedCopy can be used uninterruptedly.
  7. Your clients or group members can post their personal comments directly on the homepage copy rather that saves a lot of time.
  8. You have the option to tweet and even blog remaining on the webpage you are working on. Hence, SharedCopy can cooperate with other interactive services as well. SharedCopy Widget inserts its page straight into yours. It is interactive and handy.
  9. You can send your web pages as e-mails using SharedCopy.
  10. You can put up your Twitter status update on some re-used marked SharedCopy webpage as well.
  11. If you want to inform some individuals regarding some comments that you have put up then there are trackback options to notify.

Thus, SharedCopy is a useful, time-saving, and vibrant collaborative application that might just simplify your annotations efforts.

Download: SharedCopy

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