ShortStack – Custom Facebook Welcome Page creator

ShortStack gives experts and trades a simpler way to adjoin their personally created tabs to their respective Facebook pages. This special app allows the users to get rid of the complex coding and programs and simply allows them to develop their Facebook pages without and other complexities.


With this application the users can add their required images or videos, product listings, Twitter feeds, contact forms, visitor polls and also the RSS feeds to there own Facebook page.

Unlike the other applications, ShortStack comes up with an effective teamwork tool that allows different users or groups to collaborate together and work as an effective team.

This application is intended towards providing aid to the different users to receive additional benefits or to get more out from their respective Facebook pages or simply getting a brief of the Facebook API system without much professional assistance.

Therefore it will be very much beneficial for all the users as the complexities of programming can be avoided by using this app.

ShortStack creates it a lot simpler for consumers to put up an efficient Facebook page so that it can earn higher profits from the business.

Even a few years back, to build in an effective Facebook page, the users were required to have a medium level of technical knowhow of the aspects of coding, programming and that of Facebook API.

But with the arrival of the ShortStack, all the complexities of Facebook API is washed away as users even with the least technical knowledge can allow the users to create custom tabs to fit in to their respective Facebook pages.

This application wraps just about everything the user might want to assign to their respective pages which includes aspects of RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, images, product descriptions, videos, polls, newsletters and forms.

Keeping apart its unique appearance and a beautifully contrasted brown, orange and blue color scheme – it has the perfect combination of state of the art technology and marvelous design work to attract the numerous customers.

The logo is also pretty much realistic and is pretty much effective in attracting various customers. The user interface is also extremely friendly with easy buttons and tools.

You can try the ShortStack for free and thereafter if you are convinced with its efficiency you can choose from a range of four types of memberships.

Features of ShortStack

  1. You will have the ability to choose from 4 different types of membership options.
  2. Incorporate images, videos, RSS feeds, Twitter feeds and much more into your Facebook page.
  3. Join forces on your Facebook page with ShortStack.
  4. Review superior analytics information (with specific account).
  5. Bring out pages straight to Facebook.
  6. Flexibility
  7. Provide Multiple Widget per Page
  8. Fan only Content
  9. Easy to Customize Tab icons and Labels
  10. Custom Contact Forms
  11. Easy to Integrate Video, Flash, Flickr Gallery, SoundCloud etc..
  12. One Account, Unlimited Pages
  13. Media/Docs Manager
  14. Data Collection
  15. Scaleable Cloud Architecture
  16. Team Collaboration

ShortStack is a great application which would help out the different venture owners to add up to their marketing techniques in order to earn higher profits.

The application is extremely user friendly and it also helps out the users in their required times. Budget friendly customers will also receive the benefit of choosing from four different membership options.

Thus it is a must try app for every venture owners.

Download : shortstack

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