ShoutMix – Free shoutbox/tagboard chat widget for your website

Do you want to make your website more interactive and attractive? You can do it by creating shoutbox which allows visitors to leave a quick message. This generally does not require any form of registration. Shoutmix is a competent software which allows you to create shout box for your website. An interactive website raises the prospects of converting visitors to buyers.

It is the leading shoutbox creating software. It has very attractive customization features. You can choose from two versions of shoutmix- Basic and Premium. The basic version is free while the Premium version is $2 per month. The different options available for customization give your website a personalized feel. To create shout box you will have to sign up in the official website of Shoutmix.

Refresh rate of premium version is ten times that of the basic version. The number of custom smileys in the basic and premium version is 10 and 500 respectively. Message archive limit of the premium version is 3 months. Post storage for the basic and premium versions are 250 and 5000 respectively. The maximum number of characters in each post for the basic and premium versions is 150 and 300 respectively. Total posts accepted by shoutbox every hour is 60 for the basic version and unlimited for premium. Traffic support is free for both versions.

Features of ShoutMix

Customization Option :

  1. The features that are available in both the basic and premium versions are Instant Start Up , Live chat, Color theme, absence of pop-up ads.
  2. The Instant Start Up option allows you to get a shoutbox running in less than a minute. Your shoutbox is updated automatically.
  3. You can manually blend colors to match the theme of your website.
  4. Shoutmix does not allow pop-up ads thereby eliminating a huge nuisance.
  5. The unique features of the premium version are Sound Alerts, Message Archive, Online counter and user list and is free of advertisements. Sound alerts give an extra edge to live chats.
  6. The XML format is used to maintain monthly archives of your messages. It is compatible with all modern browsers.
  7. Shoutmix displays the number and identity of users who have used the shoutbox.
  8. There are no backlinks to the shoutmix website.

Security :

  1. The common security features include Website lock, Basic profanity filter, IP banning and URL banning. The Lock option prevents the shoutbox from being operated anywhere else other tan your website.
  2. Shoutmix allows filtering of irreverent words from being used in the shoutbox.
  3. Use of any IP address and any unwanted web or email address in the shoutbox is barred.
  4. The special features of the Premium version are- Custom profanity filter, Administrator name protection and password protection. In the Premium version you can filter specific words from being used in the shoutbox.
  5. Shoutmix disables public use of administrator names.
  6. It gives password protection to your shoutbox when you need to restrict use of your shoutbox to certain groups.

The high popularity of shoutmix is because of its superior technology. It is sure to serve your purpose of introducing shoutbox in your website.

Download : ShoutMix – Free shoutbox/tagboard chat widget

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