Shush For Mac – Push To Talk Microphone Management System

Shush is a push-to-talk microphone management system. it’s a small tiny app running directly from the Mac menu bar and your microphone will be muted until you press and hold a chosen Hotkey.

when you unmuted microphone, it will start your voice to flow freely.

Shush For Mac - push-to-talk microphone management system

Release your Hotkey and it will again mute your microphone, So nobody hears anything you don’t want them to hear.

Install Shush on your Mac OS and you’ll no longer have to feel awkward about the things going on around you.

Whether it’s a kid screaming near to you, that sneeze (or something worse) you feel coming on, or just you talking to yourself, Shush makes accidental transmitting a thing of the past.

Shush For Mac - push-to-talk microphone management system

Features of Shush

  1. Take control of voice when you are heard
  2. Configure your own Push to talk hotkey
  3. Eliminate unwanted echo, sounds when your using speakers

Download: Shush

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