SilverStripe – flexible open source Sapphire based CMS framework

SilverStripe CMS is a flexible open source multi-platform Content Management System and web framework for creating and managing rich websites through an intuitive web interface. it provide a web based administration panel that allow users to easily modified the each and every parts of the website.

SilverStripe cms - Sapphire based CMS framework

it written in PHP5 and uses fully object orientated code, has native Ajax support, and allows you to very cleanly customize the system to suit your needs. The CMS generates clean markup code by using a custom template language and contains Sapphire – a custom object-oriented PHP5 web framework which specially designed to focus on your data and business logic, but now you can use Sapphire to build standalone applications or extend your SilverStripe CMS-powered site.

SilverStripe CMS is fully extensible through modules, widgets, themes, customization and Model Admin. it generally relies on a code customization model over configuration.

Features of SilverStripe

  1. Simple. Intuitive and user-friendly Interface
  2. Flexible, MVC framework
  3. A modular, extensible web-application interface through modules, widgets, themes
  4. Drag and drop tree-based navigation structure
  5. WYSIWYG website editor for easily create and manage websites content.
  6. Work-flow management
  7. Data object model, database generation through [object-relational mapping], suite of customizable data input controls.
  8. Fully XHTML Standards Compliant
  9. Multiple templates per page
  10. SEO friendly URLs
  11. support for RSS feeds and Full text search
  12. multilingual, multiplatform CMS
  13. Highly configurable security/permissions model

Download : SilverStripe Version 2.4.0

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