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SimplyBook Me is a tool that provides online reservation for any number of small businesses to take down their appointments and it is very friendly as well.

Simplybook-me Online Reservation Tool

Owners of dentist offices, beauty salons, repair services, medical facilities, educational services, event planners or rental agencies are free to utilize Simply Book Me regularly to get assistance in business.

With the use of this there has been a consequent decrease in the number of receptionists as well as the time that was needed earlier to make returning calls to the clients.

Simply Book Me enables the users to schedule their own website through various processes that includes any information that of great value to the clients just at the crucial time of reservation of new time slot.

Even services can be added onto the page as well grouping them together by the user. The services can be reviewed by the user and time slots can be booked for its service in the required time.

A “Book Now” button can be added by the users on behalf of the company who have their own website by providing a link to the Simply Book Me. Company logos, status plug-ins and image galleries are the additional features that can be added.

Simply Book Me was created with the intention to provide the owners of small business a cost effectual way that will offer booking services online to all the clients.

A great control is provided to all the users on their respective schedules with the aid of Simply Book Me.

The Time slots available can be effectively filled up by the Simply Book Me users thereby providing them an easy way to provide them an option that gives a very convenient service.

The owner as well as business manager or even the client gets mutually benefited by reducing the total number of calls made by phone and records kept on paper for managing the weekly as well as daily schedules.

Even the customer services can be improved through the explicit use of Simply Book Me on a large scale of industries by reducing the amount of time needed to do individual task.

Endless number of bookings can be made online thereby posing no limitation on the total number of bookings.

Features of

  1. Money can saved on receptionists as well as calling back to clients
  2. Registration is done at a very rapid speed and booking-service is also provided very quickly.
  3. Easy and simple user interface – for your clients and your you (admin)
  4. Provision of unique and free scheduling webpage.
  5. Service level can be enhanced through email notifications and SMS
  6. Provision of booking interface that is not only nice-looking but also user-friendly to your customers.
  7. Availability of several additional features whenever needed.

Appointment that can be scheduled online is the greatest benefit of Simply Book Me for any business with clients. The site is not only flexible but also simple that enables it to be used in large number of industries, from medical facilities to hair salons or dentists offices.

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