Make fully interactive wireframes and prototypes with Simulify

Simulify is a web and desktop-based application to build interactive prototypes, mockups and wireframes and share them instantly. You can design it in such a way that just a click can link your prototypes, mockups and wireframes with the Simulify’s website, and can keep them personal too. Moreover, you need not to waste your time installing or downloading the application; you can start working with the application by just paying a nominal fee.

The sole idea behind the creation of this application is help people visualize their thoughts and share them quickly with others. This unique, one-of-its-type application was built focusing the SMEs and freelancers who can easily develop their projects and can earn benefit from this application.

Being an easy to use application, the application is becoming quite popular. You can easily sign in for the free trial and can have a glance of how your visualized website would look like. Multiple user-friendly tools of this application provide the user a freedom to venture around their ideas and implement them accordingly. Not only this, the user can share it via chat or email and can get instant feedbacks. This is a very beneficial tool for the beginners and helps them to learn while they apply their ideas on designing.

Features of Simulify

  1. Interactive features – Design interactive prototypes, mockups and wireframes and share them instantly using Simulify.
  2. Easy to use – No need to know any codes of web designing. Simulify is easy to use and learn.
  3. Widgets – Simulify application is based on widgets, which are user defined and can be added to a page by simply dragging them and dropping it according the user. The users can also activate these widgets and make the prototype more interactive.
  4. Share instantly – As you create prototypes or wireframes, you can easily share them with everyone using chat or e-mail.
  5. Free trial – No need to download or install simulify. You can easily use it for free as a trial version on web or can get it with a nominal fee. Added to that, you can also share them via web and the viewers will be able to use it directly from your shared pages.
  6. Modes – Simulify runs on two modes. One is ‘Author’ and another ‘Simul’. The author mode helps the user to design websites and edit them, while ‘Simul’ helps in the running and operation of the website designed.
  7. Get instant feedback – You will be able to gather instant feedback for you creativity from the people using this application.

The application was built to benefit small and medium enterprises as well as the freelancers so that they can easily create their project. This application is quite beneficial for the beginners too, as it is easy to use and learn. Just dragging and dropping can make a prototype and it can be shared easily to get feedbacks. In a way, it is a great tool that makes web designing a child’s play.

Download : Simulify

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