SketchBox – The Best Sticky Notes Manager for Mac

SketchBox is a multifunctional yet uncluttered Sticky Notes Manager that allow you to create graphical plus text note that you can use as reminders. you can easily arrange all your notes in the thumbnail view to create little storyboards or just store your daily thoughts as searchable text.

Best Sticky Notes Manager for Mac

Each Sticky provide three main layers: The drawing canvas, a little text editor and an intuitive alarm timer that combines analog and digital elements. While editing text the drawing layer is still visible in the semitransparent background and vice-versa.

it’s specially designed to improve your workflow, so you can easily close any Sticky at any time and they will always remember their position on screen and their content without bothering you with a save panel.

Closed Sticky are always accessible via the thumbnail view. You can stick individual notes to the Desktop if you don’t want them to clutter Exposé or make them appear always on top for important things.

You can select any active layer by clicking on one of the tabs at the right side of the note. Each Sticky remembers its active layer, so that you can continue where you left after closing the Sticky’s window. You can also set a default layer for new Sticky in the preferences.

The drawing canvas has extensive support for graphics tablets with pressure sensitivity and you can use the backside of your pen as an eraser. Save your creations as a PNG file with alpha channel or just copy them over to other applications.

it also work great as a reminder. You don’t have to enter numbers every time , just wind up the clock with your mouse by dragging or using your scroll wheel.

Download : SketchBox – 1.4

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