Quickbooks – Small Business Accounting Software

Quickbooks is an online accounting package to help in making small business accounting easy. Using this application, one can easily create invoices, start e-banking and manage multiple clients. Available in two versions-Basic and Plus, the application fulfills plenty of requirements of the user. Unlike other applications, it is enabled with many tools and too many features of this application help the user in doing his/her daily accounting job effortlessly.

Quickbooks Online is a very useful account package meant for small businesses. Available in two versions, the application helps in creating invoices, client managing, e-banking, data import, time tracking, budgeting, etc. While registering with this package, the user can assign the type of business/ industry from the given options.

This helps the application to create accounts and charts suitable for the user-defined business. However, the user can change it according to his/her need and can customize it to suit his business/industry. The application’s home page helps the user to create invoices, manage information of clients, e-banking, reporting, etc. tasks directly using a single tap of a button. The main help feature helps the user to learn the application and if connected via web, answers the queries of the users.

Features of Quickbooks

  1. Intuitive and smart interface-The interface and layout of the application is smart and intuitive that enables the user to handle all the business jobs single-handedly. While the business type is entered, the application modifies itself into it and creates charts and invoices suited to the industry type.
  2. Easy to customize-Though the application provides a custom operation tools and features, the user can always change the tool settings and layout according to his/her preference.
  3. E-banking from office- Using this application, the user can easily scan and deposit client checks online. Enter the client’s checks to Quickbooks online by scanning and the application deposits those checks to your bank account. Moreover, this deposit is recorded by the application and the next transaction is recognized easily.
  4. Documents managing- With this application, the user can easily manage multiple documents and client reports. For example, the user can store client’s receipts and can access them with its reference ID.
  5. Easy to install- QuickBooks Online is easy to install and can be used for a single business application directly without any hassle.
  6. QuickBooks online marketing center- The Marketing Center of QuickBooks online helps the user to sell compelling e-mail campaigns.
  7. QuickBooks Online App Center- The App Center feature of QuickBooks online gives the user an easy access to web-based commerce applications.

QuickBooks Online is a unique account package to facilitate small and medium businesses and is a great tool for e-commerce. The USP of this application is in providing instant reports that make it stand ahead of its contemporaries. In a way, it is a wonderful application to manage multiple accounts and client servicing.

Download : QuickBooks online

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