Snippets – Stores the most often-used pieces of code for easy access


Snippets is an easy to use, time saving tool for Mac OS X that allow you to create, organize and stores the most valuable pieces of your code, so you can easily re-use your code in different projects at so many times.


The main idea is to make the process of re-using as easy as possible to avoid wasting your valuable time to write the same code again and again. it offer some useful features such as smart groups, labels, and integration with other applications increases the speed of coding.

Features of Snippets:

  1. Smart-groups and folders for library organization
  2. Integration with Mobile Me and Mac OS X Sync Services
  3. Easy to search and filtering using labels
  4. Support for system-wide collecting and pasting of the code
  5. Native Mac OS X user experience
  6. Different syntax highlights

Download: Snippet

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