Socialtext- Business Collaboration with Enterprise Social Networking

Socialtext is basically a secure internal workspace where businessmen and professionals interact and work together and share new business ideas. You can also use it to share some vital information with your colleagues and team members. The main idea behind creating a service like Socialtext was to join business with social networking for a larger reach. With this device, people can easily create active social networks effortlessly.


Socialtext runs on kwiki execution and the user gets 1 GB of storage space. Once you register yourself with the site, you will be guided by the online help as how to form a webpage, import images, documents and files, interact with the fellow members, etc. Here, you can create ‘wiki’s or webpages and can share it with your fellow members.

You can place spreadsheets in the wiki pages with the help of an inbuilt tool of Socialtext known as ‘Socialcalc’. This tool also helps in importing and exporting files with .cvs and .xls files. The dashboard of Socialtext keeps you updated about the social events and activities. The interactive drag n drop interface is easy to use and user-friendly too. You can easily register with the site by providing the basic information. The application is caters every group, from small business to large enterprises and can be personalized accordingly.

Features of Socialtext

  1. Microblogging platform for business – Socialtext provides safe and secure microblogging platform where business professionals can work together, share information among their team members and create new business ideas.
  2. Socialtext Dashboard – The dashboard of Socialtext can be used by the users to keep a track of important events and social activities.
  3. Socialtext Social point – With this tool, one can add comments, create links, attach images and other editing asks effortlessly.
  4. Social Calc – This tool is basically a fully included spreadsheet which can be be used to create bar diagrams, charts, matrices, tables, etc..
  5. Multiple web page creation – Once you sign in, you can create unlimited Webpages or ‘wiki’s within a bat of your eyelid. These wikis can be added with Microsoft documents and saved in SocialPoint using links.

Socialtext can be called as a revolution in the fields of e-commerce and microblogging. The unique features of this appliance can definitely prove a boon to all the business enterprises worldwide. With its connection with social networking, business professionals will definitely widen its network chain and can easily reach to their prospective clients effortlessly.

Download : Socialtext

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