Solve 360 – Collaborative CRM Meets Project Management for Serious Business is an extensive site that bestows you with CRM and project management regulations named solve 360.

It unifies the CRM and project arrangement tools under a purposeful web circle for users like different companies & organizations.

Solve360It focuses on contact arrangement with operations to synchronize the movement and scanning motion.

Individual master users can manage their contacts and allow or disallow the reception of the project materials.

Clients can approach blogs and dashboards to stay updated. In addition, users can gather present contacts through Excel CSV, Microsoft Outlook, vCard, High rise, or Goldmine format.

Apart from managing teams and projects, the dashboard assists the team brains with businesslike applications for the advancement of the assignment.

The dashboard comes with a date, titles, and specifications. Thus, it provides a platform to manage your contacts and project activities.

CSV framework provides you a ground to impart the information regarding the project. The Calgary, Canada-based enterprise solve Steve Ireland developed 360 in June 2008.

Leopard CRM grants you Sales management, case management campaign & marketing management campaign applications. Work encompasses billing along with that CRM & assignment management.

These two mentioned site attempts to give you faultless project management mechanisms compared to the solve360.

And this site is authentic and instinctual in navigation without any search hurdles.

That’s not all, but the site delivers a way to get well acquainted with the applications of the site to make it user-friendly, although it is concise.

Solving 360 is a cloud-based CRM system that supports several web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Approval of the mail address is imperative for the registration of the users.

Features of Solve 360

  1. Solve 360 blends in CRM & project management.
  2. Conduction of the contacts in different forms
  3. Subscribers have the key to the project blog, dashboard, and database.
  4. The project dashboard provides compact information about the motion of the project.
  5. The application is completely web grounded.

Solve 360 is suitable for those who require organized web-based project synchronization and CRM techniques for affable project management tasks.

Therefore, the machine can effectively articulate workgroup and company club together as a collaboration.

Although the recommended application, solve 360, is not advanced enough compared to its competitor, the estimation is ambitious.

Download Solve 360

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