Sparrow for Mac – minimalist mail client for mac


Sparrow for Mac is a lightweight, minimalist IMAP supported email application for Mac. it provides support for all major IMAP webmail clients such as Gmail (including Google apps accounts also), MobileMe, Yahoo! Mail, AOL mail and Any custom IMAP supported webmail server.

Sparrow for Mac

Sparrow for Mac os x

Features of Sparrow for Mac

  1. Display Email threaded conversations like Gmail on your Mac.
  2. Built-in Cloud App functionality for sending attachments.
  3. Quick Replay to your email, just click, write, and send in the same window.
  4. With Facebook Connect, users can see all your friend’s pictures on dashboard, Even “Add friends” directly from Sparrow.
  5. Unified Inbox and support for multiple accounts.
  6. support for notifications
  7. Create and edit labels and folders directly from Sparrow. Easily keep a clean and tidy inbox.
  8. Change fonts, add a bulleted, or numbered list. Sparrow makes it easy to customize your mail.
  9. Get an instant preview of all your attachment by pressing Space Button.
  10. Easily Drag and drop images and documents directly from the email.
  11. Support for Domain Alias
  12. Support Priority inbox if you Gmail User.
  13. Minimal Mode – Easy to Hide message previews and the sidebar.
  14. View all your folders, labels, and mail accounts directly in the main view.

Download: Sparrow for Mac

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