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Speechpad allows quality audio transcription services. It also lets you perform recording and sharing of files. It integrates human and machine based methodologies to deliver the best results. It has simple features that can be accessed by anyone with our prior training. A number of well reputed companies use Speechpad around the world. They are highly satisfied by the unique features that make audio transcription very easy.

Speechpad has many features that make it versatile in nature. It allows import of audio files from multiple sources that suit the current workflow. You can also record meetings related to your business, audio notes, interviews etc. Speechpad delivers super quality and speedy transcriptions.

Speechpad is also available in your smart phone devices. This makes recording of audio easier and transcription is also faster. Speechpad Mobile applications are suited for iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. Android versions of Speechpad are also being developed. There is a lot of flexibility available regarding audio turnaround time, basic accuracy terms to be fulfilled and mechanisms used to deliver transcriptions.

The Speechpad services are suitable for a variety of work such as for business voices, financial matters and insurance companies. To obtain information about the pricing of his software you can dial at a toll free number or email. This information can be obtained from their official website. To start using this software you will have to sign up a registered account. You will be asked for the following details- name, email address, mailing address, phone number and information regarding your credit cards.

Features of Speechpad

  1. Speechpad is available online. There is no downloading or installation required. You can use Speechpad from any computer with an internet connection. Thus this software is not time consuming and also does not eat up your disk space.
  2. You can either upload an audio file. Speechpad supports many types of audio files. You can also record an important call using this software. You can also maintain audio notes using the Phone in a note feature. These three features together give you’re an all round audio transcription experience.
  3. Mobile applications of Speechpad are available to keep you connected when you are on the go. If you own an iPhone, iPad or a Blackberry you can access the features of Speechpad. The mobile applications make recording of audio files even easier.
  4. Speechpad allows you to record as well as share audio files. Sharing of files can be done according to your benefit. You can share some file selectively so that only some users can access them. You can record meetings, calls and audio notes using Speechpad.

Speechpad provides quality and fast transcription services to cater to your needs for transcription at a superior speed. All you need to do is click on upload an audio file and the file will be transcribed into your desired language. The easy user interface makes Speechpad such an amazing application.

Download : speech to text conversion tool – Speechpad

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