Spellify – simple AJAX-based spellchecker


Spellify is a simple Ajax based Spellchecker that offer various suggestion as you type in text fields and it doesn’t exist. For example, type in “languasges” and Spellify will suggest “languages”, “language’s”, “linkages”, etc. it will display misspelled words and their suggestions soon after you stop typing.

The Spellchecker use script.aculo.us/prototype JavaScript library for form fields that utilizes Google as its spell check engine.

Spellify - simple AJAX-based spellchecker

The Spellify Forms Demo :

Spellify - simple AJAX-based spellchecker

Requirement :

  • PHP 4+ with CURL library installed (developed using PHP 4.4.6)
  • script.aculo.us 1.8.0 (latest prototype.js, and effects.js required)

Demo : http://spellify.com/
Download : http://spellify.com/download.html

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