SplashMoney – personal finance application for iPhone and iPod Touch

With the help of SplashMoney user can effectively manage their money at anytime and from anywhere. Using your mobile device or your desktop computer you must connect to the online bank of yours and from there you can easily download transactions directly into SplashMoney.

SplashMoney personal finance application

You are required to create budgets at first and then you should track followed by the analysis of the spending of yours along-with the provision of customizable charts and reports.

You can enjoy the topmost position of your finances through the synchronization of your mobile devices with the desktop computer of yours from anywhere be it you’re on the road, at home or in the office.

The technique of navigation is extremely easy and the interface provided by the desktop software is pretty old-fashioned and rudimentary in comparison to website of Mint.com. Several automation can be used by this one.

For syncing the credit card account of yours It is required to “approve” each and every transaction when you only require a list of several activities. Your routing as well as your account number must be entered by you and all by yourself.

Various types of accounts are available that includes the credit cards through which you can easily opt for a setup provided "online".

The entire mechanism is taking place inside the software and for using it you are only required to provide your username and your password in-order to use the functionalities of the credit provided on site on its own.

it is necessary for you to have the routing number if it a bank. The speed of the software is a bit slow when it is pulling up the lists of banks. Using the website Pageonce and Mint.com it is much easy to add accounts in comparison to SplashMoney.

But the point at which this very software is more advantageous than Pageonce and Mint is that the functionalities offered by this software are not offered by any other website and that include the ability of transferring funds.

Works as well as transactions can be easily scheduled by different users with various types of print reports and currencies. The efficiency of this software is almost equivalent to Pageonce and Mint.com as it money needs to be monitored and no need to be interacted.

This is a bit expensive one but this is really very useful for those who want to have a neat and clean record of all their expenses on the way of their return to their respective desktop computer.

Features of SplashMoney

  1. Treo and Palm are known to be the software’s who are known to be best-selling ones.
  2. You can easily establish an online contact with any bank by connecting wirelessly.
  3. All the types of account are well supported here that include: savings, checking, cash, credit card, liability, asset, line of credit and money market
  4. Blowfish encryption provides a high level of security to your password
  5. Transactions can be entered at a rapid rate through memorized and auto-fill transactions
  6. Account statements can be easily reconciled

Through the use of this software online transaction has become much easy and with its help you can smoothly manage your transactions from anywhere and anytime.

Download : SplashMoney

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