Springnote – Wiki-based free online notebook and Note-Taking Apps

Springnote, A wiki-based free online notebook for personal and group use that helps to enhance your work approach related to any task involving content creation, text development, idea circulation, documentation, and prompt projects.

Springnote - Wiki based free online notebook and Note Taking Apps

With Springnote you can easily create pages on which you can work collaboratively with your selected group of friends and also exchange information through files.

Moreover, Springnote is an effective online notebook for group projects since it allows group members to easily collaborate on projects.

Advanced search functionality, unlimited creative templates, along with 2GB completely free File storage space are some of the exciting facilities you can get when you use Springnote.

Being a web-based note-taking tool, Springnote will be accessible to you from anywhere at any time according to your need irrespective of time and place.

Springnote provides support for OpenID login protocol and it includes the component of the wiki, text documentation through word processor, and simple file management system.

All these tools combine into an easy, simple, and intuitive user interface to give world-class user experience.

With Springnote, users can easily write notes by using WYSIWYG editor along with templates as well as plug-ins.

Also, Springnote gives you instant access to several options that include sharing files, collaborative teamwork, and creating a personal or public notebook.

Thus, Notebooks help you to organize every bit of information that you want to become a simple and fun process.

Along with your personal pages, you can create pages for public viewing with collaboratively editing functionality.

Features of Springnote

  1. Notebook creation – it provides 3 different types of the notebook with different attributes.
  2. Springnote Editor – The special Editor feature of Springnote allows you to make and revise your text pages by using inbuilt WYSIWYG set up. Thus, edit and create options come in quite handy with Springnote.
  3. Dashboard – it gives you a special dashboard area within Springnote where you can monitor the present status of notebook creation that they own, group notebooks, and also the ones included in their watch list.
  4. Page Hierarchy system – With Springnote your organized pages are presented in a tree-menu format having the option to create sub-pages.
  5. Autocomplete linking – You can set up a link with your existing Springnote using the auto-complete feature very easily. Creating a link to a page that doesn’t exist will automatically create the page.
  6. XHTML – Springnote has the advantage of XHTML that makes the implementation of pages simple and this gives a new significance to your page substance altogether.
  7. Open API – Springnote has been developed with an Open API that enables developers to generate a variety of Mashups and meet other developers from all over the world.
  8. OpenID Authentication – Springnote provides support for OpenID authentication means the user can use their existing OpenID login credentials when registering with a spring note account.
  9. Free 2GB file storage – All spring note notebook comes with free 2GB file storage for users to add images and files. but you can make unlimited notebooks and pages as your wish.

Download: Springnote

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