SQLite Diff – Graphical comparison tool for SQLite databases

SQLite Diff is a graphical comparison tool for SQLite databases. The application compares both data and other information related to the SQLite database files (schema). The SQLite Diff compares different features and diagrams, tables, columns, indexes etc.. as per their identity.

SQLite Diff comparison tool for SQLite

The application shows the highlighted files as scanned and compared one and the other non-compared open as they are this lets you easily single out the non-compared ones from the already compared files. Apart from that, the non-compared files can be easily sorted out and managed with the application into bringing them together in an organized manner to further compare them with others.

The comparing method of this application is easy where you do not need to download the files to be compared into the application. You can easily drag and drop the files in the application and it will easily compare them to give you effective results. After that, you can easily select the compare button to compare the files and documents over there. The application then within little time gives you the compared result of the different files without any hassle. You can get a detailed result of the comparison of the different files without going through another set of comparisons.

SQLite Diff application effectively compares the different tables and texts as well as the information stored in the files. The columns and tables are compared by the database files and then names are compared to give better results. Apart from that, with the help of symbols and antidotes, you easily get diagrammatic and represented data information and comparison result of the files. Along with the data information in columns and tables, the application also compares then the lists and information associated with those lists.

The color code shows the different compared files and their result. The different color combinations are used for the highlight of different files and their codes associated. The application also compares the indexes and the information associated with the indexes to give you final reviewed result of the comparison.

This comparison finally gives you the detailed information of the whole comparison process in detail. Each separate detail is shown with different color-coded highlight and they are hence easy to be spotted in the comparison result. Finally, lists by their name view are also compared and result with the previously mentioned compared process is shown in the detailed report.

Features of SQLite Diff

  1. With different features, you can easily compare different features and files at ease. You can compare different files easily.
  2. The color-coded result effectively gives you definite result and comparison analysis.

SQLite Diff is an application is an easy to use with its dimensional added features.

Download : SQLite Diff

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