SQLiteConverter – Convert your mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle database to SQLite database

SQLiteConverter is simply the easiest and fastest way to convert your frequently used PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle files and a broad choice of ODBC compliant databases (like the Access, Microsoft SQL Server, FoxPro and several others) to the easy and effective SQLite database.


The SQLiteConverter incorporates several effective features and some very powerful tools that will allow you to convert existing remotely hosted database into the popular SQLite database, which is widely used.

You can also use SQLiteConverter as a data backup agent which will allow you to store all your important remote data to a preferred storage location utilizing the medium of a relational database.

It should also be noted that the oracle files would only be supported if Oracle 8i or any other higher versions are supported and also Oracle OCS 9i have to be installed later on.

Features of SQLiteConverter

  1. Influential Wizard : SQLiteConverter comes with a very authoritative wizard that will guide you with a five step wizard through which you will be easily convert your existing remote database into its SQLite database. It should be noted that the time elapsed would be depending on how much data you are processing though in most of the cases it just takes a while.
  2. Convert or backup to a limited SQLite database : SQLiteConverter not only has the effective capability of converting all your existing remote databases but also is very influential in converting your existing databases to the widely acceptable and more secured relational SQL database (disk based).
  3. Favorite Manager : SQLiteConverter also has a unique feature of saving the favorite hosts of yours so that no need to type every time whenever you need to convert the databases. This is very beneficial as it saves much of your effective time.
  4. Table Selection : Complete control is bestowed on you regarding the conversion process. You may select to convert the whole database file of yours or you may choose some specific tables from your database that you wish to convert.
  5. Field Customization : Complete control is bestowed on you regarding the conversion process. You may select all the fields to be changed or even you may go for some selective fields that you require.
  6. SQL Customization : If you have enough knowledge about SQL database then without changing the selective fields you may simply edit the statements that are automatically created by the app. Thus you will have the full control over the effective conversion process of the SQLiteConverter.
  7. Real Time Development Conversion : There is a fixed panel which will be informing you all about your conversion process. It will be notifying you about the specific details of the conversion and most importantly it will be notifying you about the time which is to be taken. A systematized log window is there to notify you regarding any encountered errors during the conversion process.

Thus with all such effective features the SQLiteConverter is sure provide you effective help in your busy schedule.

Download : SQLiteConverter

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