squarespace – SaaS web Publishing and hosted website builder

squarespace is a fully hosted website builder for people who don’t know how to create a website or blog.

It’s a completely managed system where you don’t need any special skills to set up, tweak or install your website and your website is always online even in most massive traffic storms.

squarespace - SaaS web Publishing and hosted website builder

All your website truly hosted on Cloud which means you never have to worry about a single server failing, Even if your site hit the front page of Digg, slashdot or any other social news website.

it has 85+ ready to use highly customizable SEO optimized web templates style specially designed by popular designers.

Robust Typographic system automatically convert all your dashes and quotes into high – ASCII entities to ensures your text look more beautiful and readable by human eyes.

squarespace offered custom WYSIWYG editing interface to give you complete control on your content. it’s an perfect website builder for anyone who needs to build a web space for business or personal use.

Features of squarespace

  1. Highly customizable Templates
  2. Robust Typographic systems
  3. SEO optimized
  4. Powerful Anti spam system
  5. Special built for Podcasting
  6. Social integration
  7. Mobile blogging support
  8. Better site management with Real time visitor analytics
  9. Grid computing
  10. Custom domain support
  11. Complete Editorial control
  12. Various Core Modules to build your sites such as blog, Photo Gallery, File storage, Forum, Change Tracker, Google Map and Amazons items.
  13. Highly configurable via your user interface.
  14. Custom search engine to give you accurate and useful information
  15. Powerful membership and permission system
  16. Drag and drop form building tool which lets you create forms of any type and collect data from your visitors.
  17. Excel compatible
  18. Easy to import data from blogger, Movable Type, Typepad and WordPress.
  19. Full Support system
  20. Flexible Pricing
  21. Support for Universal Login
  22. Form Building and Data Collection

Download : squarespace

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