State Diagram Editor for MAC

State Diagram Editor is a UML CASE plug-in for Mac . It bears the complete lifecycle of software development- from analyzing and designing to implementing, testing and using. This tool supports the complete lifecycle of software development, from idea to implementation and using.

State Diagram Editor for MAC

It helps in making fast, cheap and quality applications without any painstaking. All types and designs of UML diagrams can be drawn using this application. Added to that, users can also generate Java code, documentation, class diagrams and reverse engineer Java code using this tool. The application has been tested a plenty of times and found safe for downloading and installation.

A user friendly interface is what makes this application quite popular among the Mac users and developers. It uses simple click, drag n drop features to develop diagrams. Any diagram can be tested easily while executing it anywhere and anytime. The application helps in defining complex diagrams by stacking or arranging FSMs in a single Responder’s chain.

Features of State Diagram Editor

  1. Simple approach to complex software application developing- The application has a very simple approach towards the software development, especially the complex ones.
  2. Defines the entire life cycle of software development using simple diagrams- The application defines the complete life cycle of software using simple diagrams.
  3. Create diagrams easily with click, drag n drop application- State Diagram Editor helps in creating quality diagrams in minimum possible time using click, drag n drop options. A double click or short keys can be used to generate the State Boxes.
  4. Users can easily edit and rename it. Users can create transitions by dragging lines starting from source state up to the target state. Using mouse, transition arrows can be modified and reshaped easily. In Palette panel, the triggers and events are displayed in the form of a list. Easy drag n drop feature is used to assign states and transitions.
  5. Elaborate visual execution for testing- Any diagram can be easily tested while executing anywhere and anytime easily. The buttons for each defined trigger is exposed by the execution panel. The execution progress is defined by the color changes (fading and highlighting) and is represented in a table format. All the events that are triggered by the executed diagram are logged in to the execution windows. The diagrams can be modified or edited on fly after pausing.
  6. Easily generate codes using templates – The code generation in State Diagram Editor is entirely controlled by templates. It combines meta language with invariant code and accesses the various aspects of the diagram. Users can use custom templates too for certain interfaces.
  7. Comments- Comments can be added easily to any part of a diagram to make it better understandable. Users can simply drag the comments icon, that is, a tiny speech bubble from the palette panel and dropping it to the desired area of the diagram.
  8. Easy downloading- The application can be easily downloaded for the Mac users and is a freeware.

The application, State Diagram Editor, has a very basic approach to let the Mac users understand the life cycle of a software development using diagrams while creating it.

Download : State Diagram Editor for MAC

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