StatusNet – open source micro blogging platform

StatusNet is an Open source micro blogging platform that gives you Twitter-like functionality which helps you to share and connect in real-time within your own domain. it written in PHP that implements the OpenMicroBlogging standard for interoperation between installations.

StatusNet - open source micro blogging platform

Features of StatusNet

  1. Updates using a XMPP/Jabber/Google Talk client.
  2. Support for Open ID authentication.
  3. SMS updates and notifications.
  4. Run it securely on your network: Easy to run entirely behind your corporate firewall and block access to the public Internet making it as secure as your internal network.
  5. Members can track and follow notices relating to specific topics and connect with others who share common interests.
  6. Real-time status checks for what’s popular within your network.
  7. Easy to share rich media files, such as photos, videos, and office documents within your network.
  8. Share your status with other social network accounts, such as Twitter and FaceBook.
  9. Users can connect and communicate from any desktop or smart phone.  StatusNet supports Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems and most common smart phones.
  10. Easy to find or build your own plug-ins to make your micro messaging environment unique. With new plug-ins being developed regularly, you can add more functionality to your environment based on your needs.
  11. Easy to customize your micro messaging environment. Through themes and clients, you can maintain your brand identity and provide a unique user experience.

Download: StatusNet

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