Stixy – The Best shareable Online Bulletin/Drawing Board

Stixy is a Flexible shareable web-based bulletin + Drawing boards which helps users to organize there world through Stixyboards. Unlike most personal productivity or project management software, Stixy doesn’t dictate how users should organize their information.

Stixy - web-based bulletin/Drawing boards

User can create as many Stixyboards as you like, one for each project. Use Stixyboards to easily organize and share your family’s schedule, Projects, An upcoming holiday with your friends, Your photos from your last bike trip, Or share a file or two with a friends, family, and colleagues.

One of the best part of Stixy is a mocking up or wireframing web pages – User can easily share there designs with team member or clients and clients will easily modify the design or post notes on particular aspects of the design.

Users can add tasks, appointments, files, photos, notes, and bookmarks to their Stixyboards and organize them in whatever way makes sense to them. They can also share Stixyboards with friends, family, and colleagues.

Visit : stixy 

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