StudentDocket – Blackberry organizer for Students

A very effective task management program is being provided by the StudentDocket that is quite easy to use and is also logically organized.

StudentDocket - Blackberry organizer for Students

It is definitely a better option that making pyramids out of the scraps of paper that can assist you in reminding all the programs that are purely business-oriented. Various classes can be added from your main page with the help of the top down view provided by the StudentDockets.

Each and every class can be loaded with any type of information’s including the name of the course as well as their respective location and also the details of their curriculum requirements, scheduling and also the specific notes that are given to the class.

Any information regarding the teacher’s is also provided here that include their office hours, name and location, phone number as well as their email address.

Several major tasks such as the major exams, papers and projects can be easily managed in logical a step that facilitates certain planning and also helping them in maintaining their respective schedule.

For example, you can easily take up an up healing and major task like a term paper that include certain milestones like research, concept development, first draft, creating an outline and a very final due date.

Due dates can be given differently to different ones and they can be culminated into the very final product. With the help of the project display you can easily get a total overview in it’s entirely in the very beginning.

Projects as well as several other assignments can be seen as due tomorrow, today, due this month, due this week, or even due within a specific timeframe that has been defined by the user.

The class can easily view all the assignments according to the due dates. Notes can be assigned by you for each and every assignment with certain information’s that are memory-jogged.

A backup is provided for each and every step so that the essential and multi-valued information’s are not lost at any juncture of time. StudentDocket provides a task scheduling and project management application that can be easily organized around all the realities as well as classes that are related to the campus life.

StudentDocket Lite is a completely new brand that has recently come into the market. There are only three classes found here and in the very recent times to come it will be ad supported.

Features of StudentDocket

  1. All your assignments can be viewed by week, day, class or month.
  2. You can easily highlight any class or assignment and in the end you will also get a short note regarding that item.
  3. The Hotkeys can be easily used and the icons can be also launched easily
  4. assignments, classes as well as large projects can be easily tracked using this.
  5. You can easily break a large project into several smaller parts in order to effectively y manage them.

Thus, StudentDocket is a very handy tool that can be easily used. The features of this tool are really very helpful and productive and so it has gaining popularity at a rapid rate.

Download : StudentDocket

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