Build Interactive Video Presentations with Stupeflix Studio

Stupeflix Studio is a web based application that automatically turn your content (pictures, music, videos and text) into nice video presentation. It has easy to use, user friendly web interface, where user can upload their content and then customize it as per their requirement. easy to organize images in groups, Mix images, videos and soundtracks. Add titles, transitions and drag & drop items around.


User can also preview video creations instantly with Stupeflix uniquely fast rendering technology. it also provides Stupeflix API for web developer to create high quality, high volume video application with total flexibility over the process, workflow, content and visuals.

Features of Stupeflix Studio

  1. SXML is HTML for video that provides a powerful and intuitive way to programmatically produce videos to your full creative specifications.
  2. Easy to integrate After Effects
  3. Provide Instant preview
  4. Video files are automatically uploaded to your Brightcove, Amazon S3, YouTube or Dailymotion account. Or let Stupeflix handle hosting and streaming.
  5. Codec, format and player agnostic
  6. Support for Text to Speech
  7. Easy to add Google Maps into your videos
  8. Support for Third Party API’s
  9. Mix multiple soundtracks, sound FX and voice-overs, dynamically set output levels and synchronize each audio input to your video sequence.
  10. Automatically turn your content into video Presentation – Text, images, videos… automatically transform your entire catalog, content inventory or XML feed into as many engaging, converting videos.
  11. Build User generated content video apps
  12. Build custom applications to speed up editing and post-producing. Automatically brand video content with logo overlays, intros, transitions.
  13. Supports rendering of videos in a wide variety of formats such as avi, flv, mpeg, 3gp and supported codecs are H263, H264, MPEG-4, WMV.
  14. provide support for jpeg, png, gif, bmp image file format, aac, mp3, wav audio file format, video codecs – H263, H264, MPEG-4, WMV and video format – avi, flv, mpeg, 3gp.

Download : Stupeflix Studio

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