Sugarsync – online backup, file sync and sharing service

Sugar sync helps in synchronization of files, managing and viewing your documents and maintaining online backups of your valuable data. It has increased the productivity of many businesses. That is why its acceptance to small business groups has risen steadily. It allows you to stay linked to various aspects of your business. It has renovated the concept of online backup. It is far superior to other software’s that specialize in online backup.

Sugarsync online backup service

SugarSync allows you to manage your files across a wide range of devices such as PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. It helps you to access your data anytime from anywhere. It is responsible for storing your data. Your data is safe and secure with Sugar sync. Sugar sync allows you to synchronize your data to other devices or computers. You just need to adjust your settings according to the location where you want to store your favorite files, photos and music. Sugar sync also allows you to upload photos and songs. SugarSync plans range from $4.99 to $24.99 a month. These packages have varying capacity of documents, songs and photos. Sugar sync automatically updates your data and keeps your documents organized.

Features of Sugarsync

  1. Data Security- Sugarsync automatically maintains up-to-date versions of your files. It uses SSL encryption to ensure your data security. In the SugarSync servers data is kept safe with 128 bit AES.
  2. All time access- You just need an internet connected device to access data stored in Sugarsync. You can use your office computer or your smartphone and view your files anywhere anytime.
  3. Data Synchronization- You can unify many computers and mobile devices on a single account using Sugarsync. It ensures that changes saved on one computer are updates on other machines automatically.
  4. Collaboration- You can exchange files of varying size to and from any location. Sugarsync team automatically saves the edited version of your data and send the right files to the right member of your team.
  5. Sugarsync maintains the last five saved versions of a document. You can revert to any of them later as per your requirement.
  6. Sugarsync assists you to organize your photos to put the up in online photo albums. This allows easy viewing and sharing of photos. You can also access your music files and share them to different browsers and your iPhone.
  7. Versatility- Sugarsync is compatible with any latest versions of Mac including Snow Leopard and Windows operating system.
  8. Support- Sugaresync administrators host an active customer care service to assist you if any problem arises. You just need to free call to talk to our officials. It is open to business account administrators.
  9. You can customize your account to suit your tastes and the feel of your business. You can edit user privacy for selective viewing of certain documents.

You can simply manage the whole workflow efficiently using Sugarsync. It is the perfect solution for maintaining online backups of your data. It is also high on entertainment value since it allows you to view your photos and listen to your favorite songs.

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