– Surf the Web Together with friends is an online service that gives you a unique platform where you and your online friends can surf the web together.

It does not work like a traditional link or screen sharing tool. It allows you to explore the web using the same website, along with one or multiple friends.

Surf the Web Together with channel-me

You can search for varied aspects along with the people of your preference using It is also an effective solution means for business purposes.

Enhance your online shopping experience by offering private chat options to discuss with your friends at the time of shopping.

Thus, Webshop gives you better sales productivity due to customer satisfaction and flexibility.

There is also the option of Co-Browsing, which offers a fast and simple means for a trade or service manager to observe what guests are viewing directly.

Hence, a guest can manage through your website.


  1. With more than one person can feel online shopping altogether, just like in a Real life store.
  2. increases the virtual sharing of products.
  3. It improves conversion and cuts down on returns.
  4. You can offer your visitors with a fresh experience using on your website.
  5. Channel .me’s collaborative shopping is completely web-based
  6. Since can be activated on any common platform or browser.
  7. lets a business unit and a consumer to “be on the same page,” and thus, transparency between the buyer and seller is maintained.
  8. With the usage of the Channel.I, your sales agents and service managers can work more efficiently, resolving queries in little time.
  9. leads to improves business conversions as well.
  10. It gives you the scope to attain optimum shopper satisfaction.
  11. Using, you can learn new languages on the web along with your friends, listen to music, creating a personal channel for this purpose along with your selected group of friends.
  12. is a free web service that reduces the distance between two people or more through its joint podium.


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