Swizzlecms – All-in-one online business solution for business user

Swizzle CMS is an all-in-one online business software suite providing full content management support to the user. With this, you can manage plenty of blogs, Webpages and forums easily and that too without using any coding language. Not only this, this wonder tool can be used well for e-commerce and is very helpful for online trade too. In a single word, Swizzlecms is much more than any ordinary Content Management Solution.


Swizzlecms is a very efficient e-commerce solution and quite helpful in content managing. You can easily edit your content while viewing your web page or blog. You can keep a secure area in your blog or website or can vend your secure area to the customers too as per subscription.

The content holder tool of Swizzlecms arranges all the common elements in such a way that you can use them template-wise or page-wise. Sales tools like referral tracking, affiliates, gift coupons, discount codes, etc. are also available with this content management System. Not only this, you can also get the live feedback of your clients through the dashboard. That means whenever your client purchases an item, opens the company newsletter or submits any enquiry; you will get the information on the dashboard.

Features of Swizzlecms

  1. Manages blogs, forums and Webpages – Swizzlecms effortlessly manages several blogs, forums and webpages by centralizing them and displaying them one-by-one.
  2. Editing with ease- You can easily edit your webpage using the editing tool. You can do it by seeing it like your visitor’s see.
  3. Secure Area hiring- Along with this software, you get a ‘secure area hiring’ facility. By this, you can easily keep a part of your website as secure area by keeping all your personal information secure. You can also sell this space to customers on subscription.
  4. Online Store- As the software is custom-made for online trade and e-commerce, it has some unique tools, which makes it a virtual store where you can find each and every business solution. The sales tools such as gift coupons, discount codes affiliates and referral-tracking systems can help you get the best out of your business. Added to that, the software helps you in dealing the shipping, multi-currency issues and provides you a list for the available payment gateways.
  5. Controlling the Inventory and Shipping- This wonder software can be best used to control inventory and shipping. You can hide the items shown online and can allow the pre-order of the next lot.
  6. Clients’ live feedback- The dashboard of the software has a live feedback system that shows when any client submits an enquiry/web form, buys any item or opens the company newsletter. Swizzlecms keeps a centralized database of your entire clientele and can send promotional/business-related email notifications to all the clients. You can send almost 10,000 a month for free. It also keeps a track of all your client-related actions and helps you analyze the efficiency of these e-mails. Choose any e-mail template you want, add the content you wish, and with a single mouse-click, you can reach to thousands of clients.
  7. Customize according to your need – You can easily customize and design the view of this software as per your need using XHTML friendly front-end technologies like CSS, JavaScript and Flash. The inbuilt Dreamweaver Extension helps you to work in flexible environments.

With this interactive software, you can perform multiple business-related activities effortlessly and can track the profits too. In a way, Swizzlecms can be called a one-stop shop for all the e-commerce related activities.

Download : Swizzlecms

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