Synalyze It! – Reverse Engineering and Binary File Analysis

Synalyze It! is an exceptional application to analyze as well as edit the binary files of any type and size. It provides enhanced support for file encodings and enables the users to define grammars in an interactive way for different formats and types of file.

Synalyze It

Imagine you got a binary file and unable to open and read it. No other application better than Synalyze it! can handle it. The utility application enables the user to build grammar for binary files easily yet interactively. The binary files are interpreted automatically here unlike hex viewers and editors. Synalyze it! Also provides better support for encoding many characters.

The grammars of this application are kept as XML files which can be accessed by simply searching with the help of the tag. Added to that, it also consists of various structures that can occur in a certain file format (e.g. XML schemas). Like in OO languages, it (the application) can also inherit various structures from other files so that the users need not to repeat (ex., length field of the application appears at the start of the structure.) The application, Synalyze it!, is easy to download and use for the MAC users.

Features of Synalyze It!

  1. Easy to use application- The application is easy to download and use. If you are a MAC user and have Snow Leopard, you can easily install and use it. The navigation, too, is quite easy.
  2. Hex Editor- The application enables easy editing of various binary files in all format without any delay.
  3. Easy to copy data- The Hex editor tool of this application also makes it easy to copy data of any type and size using the clipboard option.
  4. Easy conversion of text- While the user imports a particular string from the clipboard, the encoding that is selected by the user is applied.
  5. Printing the hex view easily- Users can print the hex view without any hassle of using mapped structures or text.
  6. Easily saved and written to disks- Users can save the selected bytes and those can be directly written to the disk.
  7. Access to any particular file- The application also enables the users to access the desired file offset by putting the Hex and decimal values in the option box.
  8. Histogram tool- Using the Histogram tool, the utility application counts each byte’s occurrence in any file.
  9. Code page comparing- Synalyze it! Helps in checking the text encoding (ASCII/EBCDIC) and comparing of some code pages of few hex values.
  10. Easy to search text- The application helps in searching incremental texts with the help of some selected code pages.
  11. Fetch a number of every type and format- Users can easily find and fetch any number in any particular file, may it be, signed, unsigned, little, big or 8-64 bit. It is also easy to go directly into the findings.
  12. Find a matching mask sequence- Users can easily search and access the file or files with a particular bit mask. Users can also fetch any file with a particular encoding.

The application is a handy tool with simplistic approach, which makes it quite popular in the applications market.

Download : Synalyze It!

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