T-dah – Open Source Universal Webmail


T-dah is an Open Source PHP based Universal Webmail Client which specially designed to help your organization to improve communication efficiency by providing your staff with tools they need to deliver fast, effective and safe Email.

tdah - Open Source PHP based Universal Webmail Client

The application based on uebimiau script with new updates and offer a slick interface with template skins, filters, chat and calendar. it’s a small, efficient, very easy to install and is always being improved. T-dah is a free Webmail client which easily installed on any server that supports PHP.

Features of T-dah

  1. Full featured webmail Client based on apache
  2. Complete POP3 Webmail Reader
  3. Runs under any System with PHP
  4. Running on all Windows and Linux
  5. Does not use a database or cookies
  6. Easy to use and install
  7. It use TinyMCE web based JavaScript HTML WYSIWYG editor to format your mail just like a word document, copy cut and paste with a Google built in spell checker.
  8. Create any number of folders to save mail into categories or Names, use a filter to automatically move mail to a folder.
  9. Search from, subject or the body of any email in any folder to recall important meetings.
  10. Chat with your company staff, clients or family and friends. Upload photos or files use emotions and smileys.
  11. variety of skins/Themes
  12. Event Calendar – full size calendar with events for each user, create an event for any day or time.
  13. Address book – Keep tabs with your office workers or friends with our new address book, in either list or card style, even upload a photo and write notes.
  14. Compatible with the MIME Standard
  15. Multilanguage supported
  16. Compatible SMTP, PHP mail, Postfix Sendmail or Qmail.
  17. New administration section

Website : T-dah WebMail Homepage
Download: T-dah WebMail

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