Tabzon – An Online In-Out Board for your Office

Tabs can be kept on coworkers with the aid of a simple and new way known as the Tabzon.

The functionality of Tabzon is pretty simple and the method provided by it for its working is also very easy, especially for groups or teams of employees who interacts frequently with each other.

Tabzon online in-out board

None of the important discussions are missed or skipped by anyone due to the use of Tabzon. Tabzon is also an inherent part of a data, Digital Fusion and the agency of web solutions.

The task of each and every day is solved by the businesses for their respective companies. Not only Tabzon but also Reactor is the other product that has created by the creators of the Digital Fusion.

The layouts provided for the databases are controlled in a better way through the use this very handy tool. Very little or minor changes has been made in the site of Tabzon.

A lot of convenience is provided due to the use of Tabzon and it is indeed a very simple tool to use. A huge time is wasted when the search is being made for finding the employees although it may occur to you as a matter of very little concern.

The lunch time as well as meeting schedules of coworkers may vary from one person to another and off days or early departures are permitted to each and every coworker and so they are eager to join.

Tabzon provides an environment that permits the entire team to view the place where all the other members dwelled throughout the day of work. Tabzon has got a very professional as well as clean appearance.

The site provided by this website is pretty well organized and several colorful features are highlighted in text and buttons. This provides a great deal of user friendliness and it is very easily transferred among coworkers as well as colleagues.

This tool is very neat and clean itself, along-with indicators that has several colors for increased understanding and several small notes regarding the current status of the user found just under their name.

Features of Tabzon

  1. The status of the coworkers can be seen at a mere glance.
  2. The work of editing of the status is done easily and it is also very simple and easy to work with.
  3. Only authorize individuals are permitted to view private things.
  4. No downloading is needed and accounts are created freely.
  5. The interface provided by this tool is very neat and clean which makes the work of reviewing the status of coworker very easy.
  6. Centralized team.

People who work in groups are pretty satisfied after working with Tabzon. Several functional features are provided by this tool and it also enables the timely interaction on a time to time basis.

No other schedule is needed to be leant for interaction and the use of Tabzon is sufficient. Accounts are created freely here and all these features enable business owners to work freely with this tool.

Download : Tabzon

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