Task.fm – web based reminder tool

Task.fm is the simplest way to helps you to build reminders that is delivered to your email inbox, home, calendar or your account in Twitter. It is the quickest task management tool available. Task.fm interprets your natural language and you need not type dates and time manually. Task.fm is easily accessible as you can set your reminders from your email or Twitter account. Task.fm is a great tool for setting reminders for you.

Task-fm - web based reminder tool

You do not need to enter dates and time following any specific pattern. You can easily create reminders for yourself using Task.fm in your natural language. Task.fm can interpret several phrases and automatically set the time and date for your reminder. You can set reminders from anywhere. Task.fm lets you set reminders while you are working in your mailbox or tweeting. You can also dial the automated line of Task.fm and leave a message. It also allows you to set reminders from the website.

You can make reminders and send them to people on your contact list. You can send them reminders in the form of text messages, voice mail or reminders through email. This lets you manage your entire team through setting tasks and dispatching reminders to your co-workers. You can opt for the basic Task.fm service and the upgrade to a paid service which has added features. The Pro package costs $3.99 a month. The official website of task.fm hosts an active support base for its users. You can seek assistance through email or by visiting the helpdesk.

Features of Task.fm

  1. You do not need to enter date and time manually. Task.fm can read plain English and infer the accurate date and time.
  2. Task.fm works in collaboration with Twitter. You can create reminders from your Twitter account.
  3. You do not have to sign out of your mailbox to set a reminder using Task.fm. You can set reminders directly via email.
  4. You can receive reminders in multiple forms- text message, email, twitter or voice message. You can edit your reminder settings effortlessly.
  5. Task.fm lets you send reminders to single contacts or groups of contacts.
  6. You can create a to-do list and manage your tasks using Task.fm for your team.
  7. You can include tags to any reminders and set them for a search or for a particular group. Task.fm supports use of hashtags through Twitter and email.
  8. You can create reminders through voice transcription by dialing a toll free number.

Using Task.fm you can coordinate distribution of tasks among your team members. You can assign them tasks and send them timely reminders to ensure that your tasks are completed on time. Task.fm acts as a tool for self-management of tasks. You can also set reminders for your own official and personal tasks. Task.fm is an effective tool and is gaining steady popularity because of its effectiveness. It is a handy software and does not consists of complicated sets of instructions. It is sure to give you the desired results.

Download : http://task.fm/

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