TaskAnt – The Best Online Project and Task Management Tool

TaskAnt is a user-friendly online project management and task management software that helps you create, assign and manage projects. It provides a compact, but useful way to handle the projects created and distributed among the team.

The assignees once invited get a clear idea of their work at hand with the help of this interface. In addition to being shared listing software TaskAnt overshoots E-mail with the additional features for task management and project handling. Owing to its extremely user-compatible algorithm TaskAnt is an inherent time saver.

TaskAnt- online project management

It has online user interface that allows you to assign your project to any team member anywhere in the world. The task you send is received by the assignee in his inbox.

The assignee can then use the TaskAnt interface to complete his part of the job. The project is viewable and modifiable to only those who you have invited. Thus it provides reliable security.

TaskAnt also gives you a smooth set of browsing tools with which you can search for or modify any part of the particular project.

The tools provided by TaskAnt enable the team to work faster and better efficiency. Once a task is complete, it can be easily saved and kept for future use.

You can merge together two projects if required or cancel the merging but the power to make such modifications is vested only in your hands i.e. the project creator or administrators you have assigned. A cancelled project is not deleted unless manually done so.

Features of TaskAnt

  1. Once you sign in, you can create a new project but merely pressing the “New Task” button on the top left hand corner of the interface window.
  2. You can invite the other team members to join the project by checking on the boxes against their respective names. The Access Control feature allows only those invited to be able to view or modify the project.
  3. TaskAnt also provides a “smart list” that stores your saved searches.
  4. The free version of this software allows as many as three projects to be managed under one account. TaskAnt Pro (beta), the paid version, however allows up to six projects under a single account in the Iron Plan, and as many projects as desired in the Diamond Plan.
  5. The software can hold monetary transactions via PayPal, and also offers a option to export and convert all your data to JSON format for Pro accounts to enable the files to be downloadable as .zip files.
  6. Every task in TaskAnt is assigned a GUID “Task Number” with the help of which it can be uniquely identified.
  7. TaskAnt has a number of intelligent search keywords which help the user in reaching the desired project location very quickly.
  8. TaskAnt runs perfectly in most internet browsers including Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox, both in Windows (latest versions) and Mac.
  9. An absolute new addition to the list of unique features in TaskAnt is the Project Color Label. This feature allows colors to be assigned to different projects so that can be easily identified.

Although it is still in its beta stage, TaskAnt has been widely accepted as one of most user-friendly task management software.

Download : TaskAnt- online project management

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