Tasktoy – GTD based Online task manager

Tasktoy is nothing but a online task manager that is really very simple and light and is a based on GTD Approach. There is a pretty rich set of features available in Tasktoy and several services are also provided by this task manager besides being it absolutely free.

Toby Segaran was the developer of Tasktoy and this was created by himself after reading the book of getting things done. Tasktoy can be even used as the homepage of your browser where frequent reviewing of actions is needed.

The speed of this task manager is excellent but its interface needs a bit more additional features that will enable the addition of locations, actions and projects to an amalgamated homepage for the users.

Sharing is possible with several other users but up to the maximum of 3 emails, RSS feeds for reminders, action lists, recurring and simple, and the various notes for keeping the information based on reference.

Features of Tasktoy

  1. A Homepage – Task lists needs to be constantly viewed otherwise they turn out to be useless. The various features included in this feature include a very quick loading speed, clean and clear design, customizable links and a Google search box.
  2. Tasks dependent on Time. The only time for the appearance of tasks is at the hour of need and they should not appear every time as it will only result in the clumsiness of this application
  3. Low resistance – You are required to click only once for adding to the current list, while you are required to click twice for adding to a different list. Thus, you will be provided with a single screen where all the items can be pasted all at once
  4. Repeating tasks – Several personal tasks are also carried out with the help of this application named as the tasktoy.
  5. Project management is really very simple – You can easily complete all your tasks based on a specific order as per your need using this application. You are not required to put any item on the to-do list of yours before the completion of your previous items.
  6. Printable Lists – They are made in such formats that enable their easy printing on the index cards. A pretty nice task list that is portable as well can be created using the feature of envelope feeder by feeding index cards.
  7. Task archiving – Any part of the project that is completed by you is saved in the archive part for that particular project. Using this particular feature you can remember any work or can even write the status reports of yours.
  8. Color coding – The color selection of any task is totally under your control at the time of creation. You can even change the color later by mere clicking on them or by changing it in detailed view of the task

Thus, Tasktoy is really very simple and easy to use task manager. Though its interface needs a bit more modification yet its incredible speed marks the beauty of this online task manager.

Download : tasktoy

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